Flisa and Arkitektkopia investing in 3D

The Norwegian graphic firm Flisa and the Swedish firm Arkitektkopia have both invested heavily in 3D during 2018.

Swedish Arkitektkopia has been working with 3d print for some time now, and the firm is seeing increased demand from their customers. Last summer Arkitektkopia added two more 3D printers – a Projet CJP 660Pro and a Projet MJP 2500 Plus.

“3D-printing is no longer a future dream. The technology is here and we already have the required competence to handle 3D. Our customers have responded positively, so we believe the timing for our new investment is right,” says Gunnar Duintjer, managing director at Arkitektkopia.

3D-printad model of Ebbepark in Linköping, Sweden. (Image: Arkitektkopia)

Flisa is known for being an early mover in the business, and 3D is only one of many new business ideas that the Norwegian firm has tested over the years.

“Technology, information and the market demand are constantly changing. We have always tried to position ourselves ahead of the market developments,” says managing director Per-Otto Sletten, and head of production Ole Peder Berggren at Flisa.