Danish book binder Centrum with stable first year

There are not so many book binders left in the Nordic market. Therefore, the bankruptcy of Centrum Bogbinderi in 2017 affected print companies all over the region. However, the company reconstructed its business and started up again quickly. 2018 was a satisfying first year for the new company, reports printogmedier.dk.

“We have had a good start, but it has been challenging to build up the business again and at the same time selling off part of the business, clearing the premises, moving the machines, finding new tenants and not least create a new fit organisation consisting of half the workforce,” says Jan Justesen, CEO of Centrum Bogbinderi A/S.

“Plenty of opportunites in a declining market”

“The market in general is falling, but there are a lot of positive trends which we want to take advantage from. There is i.e. a trend from soft cover towards more hard cover. As this is our speciality, this is something we should be able to benefit from. There is also a trend towards more processing, i.e. with special materials and embossing. Also in this field we should be able to benefit from our special competencies,” Justesen tells Print og Medier.