Lasertryk has acquired three printing companies in Denmark

Scandinavian Print Group (SPG), which owns danish Lasertryk, has over the last months acquired three print houses in Denmark:

  • Novagraf in Ålborg (27 employees)
  • The graphic division of Dafolo in Frederikshavn where Lasertryck is taking over 6 out of 10 employees according to a message on The company has 70 employees in total who works with digital communication and logistics which will be the focus when the company now is selling its graphic division.
  • Vestergaards and Glumsø Bogtrykkerier in Vadum and Vallensbæk (22 employees). Vestergaards and Glumsø Bogtrykkerier A/S were declared bankrupt in December 2018.

All the companies will continue as separate brands until further notice, but will of course take advantage from Lasertryk’s extensive production capacity.

“We experience that our clients appreciate an unchanged order process and contact with the same people, but at the same time they appreciate a broader product portfolio and better prices,” says Lasertryk’s founder Esben Mols Kabell, according to Print og Medier.

Sources: Print og MedierVestergaards og Glumsø Bogtrykkerier