Two new ground breaking machine investments

The German online printer Saxoprint (a part of Cewe) has invested in the world’s first Heidelberg Speedmaster XL162-8P with roll feed technique by Cutstar. The new machine comes with the format 1.210×1.620mm. The plant in Dresden, Germany, has invested more than 70 million euro in new equipment over the last seven years.

Roll feeding means Saxoprint can benefit from 6 per cent lower paper prices compared to a sheets, according to the company. And one roll of paper equals 3-4 pallets with sheets so the company becomes more productive due to fever interruptions.

Swedish Branschkoll have more on this story (in Swedish)

First KM-1 in the Nordics

At the same time, local printer Tierps Tryckeri in Gävle, Sweden, has opted to invest in an Inkjet from Konica Minolta (KM-1) after an extensive production analysis. With this they become the first to invest in KM-1 in the Nordics.

“The process started with a visionary evening meeting with Niclas Wahlgren from Gibon in Gävle,” says CEO Håkan Monfors, who was appointed CEO of the company a year ago. The meeting led to an extensive analysis with large quantities of data and a very constructive dialogue with Gibon and Konica Minolta, says Monfors.

The process ended with an acqusition of a Konica Minolta KM-1.

Read more about Tierp Tryckeri and their inkjet choice on their web page (In Swedish).