70 NOPA members visiting Ålgård in Norway

NOPA (Nordic Offset Printing Association) visited Stavanger and Ålgård Offset the week before Easter. 70 persons from several countries listened to industry presentations at the Atlantic Hotel in Stavanger and visited Ålgård Offset. .

The participants listened to industry presentations from;

  • Ulf Sunnberg, Grafkom
  • Martin Gercke, Stora Enso
  • Kari Rømcke, Grafisk bransjeforening
  • Erwin van Rossem, Q.I. Press Controls
  • Lasse B. Lien, Norges Handelshøyskole

NOPA has roots back to the 1970s, but was established as a formal association in 1999 under the name The Nordic Association of Heatset Printers, NAHP. Members of NAHP were mostly heatset printers in the Nordics, and later also from the Baltics, plus suppliers. In 2011 the concept was extended to all major offset printers, and the name was changed to The Nordic Offset Printing Association, NOPA.

NOPA meets twice a year – you can read more about NOPA here