Netflix turns to print in order to be taken seriously

Yet again, the printed product is being used to win respect and to create a product that is seen in the marketing noise.

Journalist: David Linnér

Netflix has become a phenomenon and extremely popular among viewers. But the established industry (“the old Hollywood”) is not equally impressed. They believe movies that are not released on cinemas should not win Oscars or other prices. And this is one of the reasons why Netflix now is focusing on print.

More than 100 pages on print

Netflix’ magazine will be called Wide and is scheduled for June in connection with the Emmy Awards.

“We are preparing for a groundbreaking year within film and tv. We have therefore gathered some of the most talented writers, photographers and creators to join us and make the first edition of Wide, Netflix’s printed magazine, says Netflix in a statement to Bloomberg.

The content will focus on film and series, and there will be interviews, essays and reports about persons working with different Netflix productions.

Netflix has almost 150 million users world-wide and some of them would most definitely buy a magazine. This is not possible, however. The magazine will only be distributed at some chosen locations – for free.

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