Polish Printer Enaf installs HP Indigo 12000

Polish Printer Enaf installs HP Indigo 12000 Digital Press to increase digital capacity and attract new business, reports HP in a press release.

Enaf, a commercial print service provider based in Poland, has installed an HP Indigo 12000 at its facility in Warsaw. As one of the largest printer providers in Poland, Enaf supports large corporations and institutions both domestically and internationally, offering business cards, company letterheads, envelopes, marketing materials and many other printed applications.

In 2012, Enaf installed its first HP Indigo device, the HP Indigo 5600, in order to help support its growing printing business by moving to digitisation. Following further research, Enaf decided to simultaneously invest in the HP Indigo 12000, to enter the B2 digital printing market. The addition of the HP Indigo 12000 opens the door for B2 applications, and a wide range of opportunities within the general commercial printing segment, offering customisation, security, inventory reduction, and variable data to its customers.

“The HP Indigo 12000 was our natural choice to continue growth and meet our customers’ demands, as many of them are large brands with varied needs. With the HP Indigo 12000, we can print Pantone colours with an efficiency that is unmatched by other digital printers”, said Witold Kochlewski, CEO at Enaf.