iOnPrint: Print quotes in a blink of an eye

Everyone who buys printed material from different print houses spend a lot of time getting prices and other relevant production facts. Estonian software company iOnPrint wants to make this process faster with its software which now is launched in the Nordics – starting with Norway and Sweden.

“We have a concept who works well in Estonia but we will now meet the industry in Sweden and Norway to be able to understand the needs that exist and how we can adapt to new markets,” says Kairit Parker of iOnPrint, who participated at Grafkom’s event Print Next May 7th in Stockholm.

iOnPrint is an offspring from print broker Ellington Printing in Estonia, a company who buys print from third parties to their clients. The firm developed a software to make the process easier, and the software has now got its own brand – iOnPrint. iOnPrint will be sold to other print brokers, but also to printers that buy products from time to time from sub-suppliers.

Ellington has already 15 print houses on the platform, but it is up to every user to add their own suppliers.

By uploading all the suppliers’ equipment in the software, iOnPrint claims to be able to give a price quote directly.

“There are no price lists in the software, we calculate the price based on format, available machinery and material,” says Kairit Parker of Ionprint.

The software is in the cloud and the solution is supposed to work just as good for small and large players.

iOnPrint has just launched their new, international web site: