Elanders Germany expanding with inkjet

This article is presented by NOPA – Nordic Offset Printing Association.

Elanders are installing their fourth inkjet webpress of the type HP Pagewide T240 HD in Waiblingen in Germany. This is a result of the growing demand for high quality digital bookprinting. The company in Waiblingen is part of Elanders Group, and primarily responsible for Print and Packaging in the group.

The four inkjet presses are mainly used for production of perfect bound books with softcover, and up to 1,000 jobs per day is no exception. Inkjet printing is profitable up to 10,000 copies, and most orders are smaller than that.

The strength with digital web printing is not only quality and economy – the factor ”time” is getting more and more important. Digital printing enables rapid binding, so the first dispatch of books can leave the bindery while the rest of the edition is still being printed.

Source: Deutscher Drucker Newsletter and information from HP.