Norwegian Allkopi is automating its sales and order handling with new software

Major Norwegian printing group Allkopi Netprint, which is owned by Paragon Group, has decided to invest in the Swedish calculation and order handling system Arifiq.

Arifiq has recently focused a lot on international expansion and last year the company built an integration solution with HPs Print OS.

17 print houses, 100 presses and 200 employees will be a part of the system, which will be up and running in only three months’ time, according to a press release.

“Arifiq’s MIS functionality and the very easy-to-use front end made the difference for us,” says Camilla Mørstad at Allkopi Netprint.

Allkopi’s 17 units must be able to operate independently, but the group has also a common portal for orders with a common customer databse and reporting. These are all requirements that Arifiq is able to meet with their software.

“Our clients will get better service, instant prices and faster delivery times. And we hope to improve our margins, more jobs and a smoother and cheaper production process. A classic win-win situation,” says Camilla Mørstad in a press release.