The Danish state assigns print contracts worth 200 million DKK

After a procurement process, it is clear that the Danish state will buy its printed material from printing companies Rosendahls, and Prinfo group (consist of 12 companies) the next two years. The contract is worth approximately 200 million DKK.

The agreement means that the state and all institutions under the state must buy their printed material from one of the three winners.

Lasertryk believes the process was easier this time

Lasertryk keeps its position as one of the suppliers to the state. Head of development Henrik Kruse believes the procurement process was much more easy this time.

“I want to give credit to the Moderniseringsstyrelsen (which was responsible for the procurement process). In earlier processes they have used a complex system based on price and a so-called ”point system.” This required much unnecessary work and lots of print samples. This time the requirement was “delivery of industry standard”, which meant that we did not have to put so much resources into the process,” says Kruse according to Printogmedier. reported on this.