Successful launch of stacking robot – meet the expert in Stockholm

MBO, that has made a name for themselves creating folding machines, has now launched their packaging robot ”CoBo-Stack”. When they showcased it on an open house event they sold 12 units immediately.

The robot has one task, and it does it very well – stacking folded signatures on a pallet, or two pallets if needed, since the robot can pick stacks from multiple directions.

The CoBo-Stack is a so-called cobot, that is, a collaborative robot which needs no protective cage. If the operator touches the cobot it stops automatically without harming the operator.

MBOs product manager comes to Grafkom Workflow Summit in November

The product manager of MBO, Olaf Haug, comes to Workflow Summit that takes place in Stockholm November 12 where he will answer questions, explains the benefits of CoBo-Stack and show you how to get the most out of it.

Communicates with MIS

For an other step in atomization the MBO folders can communicate with various business systems via the MBO Datamanager and can receive and send data about the product it works with in real time, and many other variables such as the number of sheets, the packaging speed and how long the process will take.

Chance in article: In a previous version of this article it said that the Cobo-Stack integrated via Datamanager in the same way as the folder – this is not correct and therefore the article was updated.