Swedish success expanding to other Nordic markets

Swedish company Rollup-Kungen has broadened its business with adding both standard printed material and product media lately. The company is now changing its name (keeping the brand Rollup-Kungen) and expanding its business to Norway and Finland. The goal is a turn over of SEK 100 million in three years time, writes Swedish e-handel.se.

The company has lately been very busy, carrying out the following:

Acquiring trycka.se

Recently the B2B-site trycka.se was bought from Printgruppen in Swedish town Växjö, according to Branschkoll.se. Trycka.se also have the site printlit.com selling to customers outside Sweden.

New name

The new name for the company is Printgroup Nordic AB – but keeping the brand Rollup-Kungen.

Launching in Norway

This spring, the international expansion started with a launch in Norway through the web site rollup-kungen.no. Finland is next.

2018 – new all time high

2018 was the best year ever for the company with a turn over of SEK 25 million according to the latest report.

Expanding with product media

During the spring, the company increased its product range by adding product media.