Edvard Schneidler takes Fujifilm’s sheet fed inkjet to the Nordics

The company Edvard Schneidler is new agent for Fujifilm’s sheet fed inkjet Jetpress 750S and the workflow solution XMF in Sweden and Denmark.

Inkjet 50×70 is hot and suppliers like Canon and Konica Minolta have already sold machines in Sweden. HP Indigo has also had success with its 10000-model in the same format.

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Fujifilm has sold 150 Jetpress machines since the launch – including 50 in Europe. Now with its third generation available, Fujifilm will also enter Sweden and Denmark.

“This is a well-established solution with 50 installed units in Europe,” says Michael Mossberg, CEO of Edvard Schneidler.

Mossberg underlines that this press comes with water based ink in two variants, one for commercial print and one for packaging where the ink is approved for contact with food.

“Many people worry about UV and environmental issues, and we believe we have an advantage with the water based ink”, says Mossberg.

Business model without “click”

The business model based on clicks known from digital printing is not chosen by Fujifilm. In this case you buy the machine and material the traditional way. The ink is however developed specifically for the machine and must be bought from Fujifilm.

XMF workflow from Fujifilm

Fujifilm’s XMF workflow is a part of the deal when buying the Jetpress. The software will also be available for separate distribution. The idea is to offer support, upgrades and training to both existing and new XMF users.

Through an agreement with Teknograf, Edvard Schneidler is able to launch these services right away.

With help from software developed by Fuji, it is possible to simulate the production and calculate time and material need for the same jobs in a Jetpress. With this Fujifilm want to prove that the Jetpress is a good fit for many print shops.

“For short runs which are the trend, we truly believe in this machine”, says Mossberg.