Generated 2.4 m printed items in 2018 – won innovation prize

Norwegian trio Initio MedielabErik Tanche Nilssen and Memosoft won the first edition of the Norwegian Printing Federation’s innovation prize.

The companies won the prize for their solution InMemory 4.0, a web-based printing portal for the funeral industry. The product has rapidly gained a market share of 30 per cent in Norway and Sweden.

“We are very proud and happy! It’s an honour to win the innovation prize. This will inspire us to further develop solutions for new products and services which will strengthen the printing industry in the future,” says CEO Bjarne Bratteberg of Initio Medielab.

Bjarne Johnsen of Memosoft AS adds that Innovation Norway and Skattefunn (Tax refund scheme) both have been great supporters in order to transform the project from idea to an operating product.

Generating loads of printed products

InMemory 4.0 generated last year 2.2 million programs used at 24,000 funerals, 55,000 memory books, 150,000 gratitude cards and 3,000 portraits.

“They have developed a product and a service which give additional value to both client and company. They have used the technology in an innovative way and opened up for new business,” said jury member Henrik Bjørge Fardal from Innovation Norway during the ceremony.