Sweden: Postage rates up next year

The Swedish postage rates will be increased next year.

Swedish postal operator Postnord is from August 1st allowed to rise the price of postage on products that are not subject to free competition. Postnord believes the volumes will decrease with more than 10 per cent on these products during 2019.

Regular stamps will go up by 22 per cent from January 1st (from 9 to 11 SEK), and letters sent abroad will increase from 21 to 22 SEK, according to a press release.

Not automatically applicable for printers

The price hike is not automatically introduced for big players with separate agreements with Postnord who often delivers pre-sorted DM etc. Postnord will currently not comment on potential price hikes for customers with an agreement with Postnord.

Stefan Blomqvist, CEO of 21Grams, a major player within post distribution solutions, comments the price hike;

“The price hike is normally not at all this big on business where Postnord has competition from other players. Last year there was a price hike of two per cent for clients with an agreement, but we don’t know where we will land this time,” says Stefan Blomqvist of 21Grams to Branschkoll.se.