31 world leading printing expert sharing knowledge in Sweden – see full list here

Grafkom is organising Workflow Summit on November 12 and over 30 experts on print automation will share their insights with 200 participants. There is still a chance to join.

Create new printing business using API

Mogens Winther, who is development manager at Cloudprinter, will share his knowledge in the field of printing API. Together with Cloudprinter’s founder Martijn Eier, he tells us everything you need to know about APIs for the graphics industry.

World leading PDF-expert

David van Driessche, who is responsible for the work in the Ghent Workgroup, comes to Workflow Summit in Stockholm to talk about PDF, HMTL and Javascript. A unique opportunity to meet one of the world’s foremost experts in this field

Robots in production

Olaf Haug, MBO Product Manager will talk about their latest project with robots in post-press production. Together with Florian Kraus from AZ Druck und Datentechnik they will share do’s and don’ts in this area.

Software bonanza

In the area of software there are plenty of experts that will give the participants a truly unique opportunity to get insights that can lead your printing business into the future.

This is just a few of them:

  • Anna Oñate, OctoBoost CEO & Co-founder
  • Christian Weyer, Crispy Mountain CEO
  • Dietrich von Seggern, Callas software CEO
  • Liesbet Olbrechts, Enfocus Director of Product Management
  • Charlotte Tueckmantel, EFI General Manager EFI software
  • Yaron Mohaban, XMPie Vice President Sales
  • Hootan Soheilzad, QBANK Founder & CTO
  • Thomas Sjöberg, Inriver Creative Director
  • Juergen Seitz, GMG Color Snr. Technical Advisor & member of research group behind FOGRA51/52
  • Kairit Parker, iOnPrint Partner
  • Carina Karlsson, Arifiq CEO
  • Laurent De Wilde, Enfocus Solution Architect
  • Thomas Persch, EFI Sales Development Manager
  • Isabelle Rayel, Dalim Software Business Development Director
  • Davy Verstaen, MultiPress Project Manager EMEA
  • Lukas Engqvist, Broby Grafiska Adobe Certified Teacher

And a lot more. Visit www.grafkom.se/workflowsummit to learn more.