Intergraf: Printed products now a part of the US-EU trade dispute

The US has on October 18 implemented its decision to launch a 25 per cent additional import duty on a range of printed materials imported from the UK and Germany. Intergraf is reporting this in their November news letter.

This implementation is a response to the ongoing trade dispute that is concerning i.e. the export of Airbus planes.

The materials include single sheets, transfers, certain pictures, design and photographs. It is estimated that import duty will affect 14 per cent of the overall EU export of printed materials to the US.

Intergraf says in a statement in their news letter that the organization regrets the use of economic instruments on printed products that are generally a bearer of culture and education in the world. Furthermore, Intergraf says it has addressed the European Commission (DG GROW and DG TRADE) on this matter.