Inventor: New material to compete with Re-board

Re-board inventor Kurt Aldén has produced a new panel material that he says will compete with the well-known Re-board. In 2018, he developed a new machine that manufactures the new material Swedboard. Production takes place in Katrineholm, Sweden since last summer, under the company Swedboard International.

And it’s the graphic industry that are the customers who are now going to use the new material for their customers. In addition to the Re-board-like product SB Fibre, it has also developed a composite material (a solid panel) and a solution for ”endless” folding walls called the Z-endless Board. Swedboard Fibre is also being refined by Green Lite, which Kurt Aldén was CEO of until January 2019. Green Lite writes on their site that ” We’re launching Swedboard Fibre” … ” a Swedish-produced material that replaces Re-board ”.

The new material is available in different thicknesses, sizes and colors. And with different characteristics.