More and more printers are calculating their CO2 footprint

The Swedish printing company Åtta.45 is the latest Swedish printing company to be certified for the use of Climate Calc – which calculates a printed material’s CO2 footprint. Many more are expected to follow as Climate Calc now is launched by the Swedish Printing Association.

Climate Calc has been around for several years, mainly in Denmark, and has now been “officially launched” in Sweden. The tool is also widely distributed across Europe. There are also other ways to calculate CO2 footprint, but Climate Calc will most likely become the industry standard as Grafiska now is recommending this scheme.

– Climate Calc will be the system that standardizes the CO2 footprint in the graphic industry, predicts industry consultant Magnus Brolin who runs Altamont Media.

Magnus Brolin has been involved from the beginning of the project in Sweden and according to him, many more companies are expected to join going forward.

– I believe that within a year we will have 15 to 20 Swedish printing companies with Climate Calc certification, says Magnus Brolin. The system is now spreading across Europe as more and more print buyers require data on CO2 footprint.

Climate Calc is jointly owned by the European graphic industry and is run by the Danish Printing Association, Grakom.

– Climate Calc is a relatively simple way to get a tool that gives you a measure of your company’s climate impact, and this is something that will be increasingly required by customers, Magnus concludes.