Print Next grows further with new co-organizer

Print Next grows further with the network NOPA as a new co-organizer. Together with Grafkom and Grafiska Företagen, which started Print Next two years ago, an even larger part of the Nordic and Baltic graphic industry will gather on May 7, 2020 in Stockholm to discuss graphic services of the future.

“Nopa is a very strong player for the largest printing companies, with operations in the Nordic and Baltic countries, and with Nopa Print Next will be even better at helping graphic companies see what the future has to offer for the industry”, says Magnus Thorkildsen, partner at Grafkom.

Planning is already in full swing and the focus on next year’s Print Next will be to present with various angles what will be required to succeed in areas such as sustainability, technology and business.

“Print Next has evolved rapidly from a Swedish to Nordic center for the industry, which is absolutely right at a time when both customers and the industry are becoming more global and building stronger local partnerships with their customers. Issues such as sustainability and businessmanship are crucial to achieving success in the coming years,” says Ravindra Parasnis, CEO, Grafiska Företagen.

Grjotheim of NOPA pleased with the co-operation

Håvard Grjotheim, who leads the work on Print Next for NOPA, is pleased with the collaboration.

“The graphic industry needs a unified and strong voice in times when graphic products are challenged by digital alternatives, but our products can also create enormous value for customers if used correctly. My vision is that Print Next can be a way to make the industry stronger”, says Håvard Grjotheim, CEO of Scandbook.

Pencil in May 7 in the calendar already now – soon more information about Print Next will be in your inbox.

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