The Danish print association introduces environmental requirements to protect own printers

The Danish print association – Grakom – is introducing what they say is the “world’s toughest environmental requirements” for retail unaddressed direct mail. This is reported by Grakom on their web pages.

“There has been a lot of debate about the environmental impact of direct mail in retail. Due to that, it is important for us to show that we take responsibility for this. For us, it is obvious and natural to contribute to better environmental standards. And this is the reason why we now are introducing a standard that is unique in the world. I am very proud of this. […] Our experience says that the CO2 emissions can be reduced to 1/3 alone by choosing the right paper and by using short transport distances. When we in Denmark at the same time have a world-class recycling system, direct mail is in total a rather environmental responsible solution,” says CEO Thomas Torp of Grakom.

Torp mentions Coop’s print of commercial papers in Poland, and points at the fact that this is done at a printing house without the Nordic Swan certification. Torp finishes with a call to Coop to move the printing back home to Denmark to reduce environmental impact.