Estonian K-Print gets the Nordic Swan

After a long consideration period, Grafkom member K-Print in Estonia has decided to add another environmental certificate – the Nordic Swan. The Nordic Swan comes in addition to the FSC and the PEFC certificates that K-Print already holds.

K-Print is currently exporting around 70 per cent of their turnover to Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark, something that has been an important factor in introducing the Nordic Swan as a new certificate.

In 2018 the company had a turnover of around 6 million euro and about 70 employees.

“Having the Nordic Swan certificate is a milestone for us in order to be able to further improve the processes and the services in our company. Credibility is still a factor for companies buying printed material from another country, and in that respect the Nordic Swan is a good choice for K-Print,” says Karol Karu, responsible for export sales at K-Print.

K-Print is a full-service printing house with both paper and packaging production. In 2019 the company also introduced storage services and distribution.