Grafkom’s breakfast seminar: “It’s possible to do good business in the industry”

Video can be a very effective way to communicate your company’s core values and services. Grafkom partner Inkish spoke at a Grafkom breakfast seminar the other week about the use of video in marketing.

Morten Reitoft from Inkish gave his best tips and recommendations about using video as a communications channel.

“It is about understanding that film can bring about feelings that other media can’t (not even print!),” said Reitoft.

Inkish is now introducing their services around the world – including the Nordic countries.

– Any printing company or supplier to the industry that wants to use film in their story telling and marketing can turn to Inkish for help, said Grafkom and Inkish partner Ulf Sunnberg.

In addition to video marketing, consultant Anders Medbo held a presentation on the financial status of the industry. Medbo went through an extensive analysis of how the companies in our industry are really doing financially. In general, Medbo concluded that the picture is not as dark as many believe. A large portion of the industry’s companies have managed to focus their business and are more profitable now than some years ago.

“The group of companies that is profitable is growing right now in Sweden. It’s still possible to do really healthy business in this industry,” said Medbo.