Norway: 07 Media with major Corona actions

Many companies in the industry are severely hit by the Corona situation. 07 Media, one of the major printing houses in Norway, has over the last days introduced several broad activities to reduce the financial impact of the crisis.

  • Around 130 employees have received lay-off notices in 07 Media AS and 07 Media Sør AS
  • A majority of the top management directors have also received notice of lay off
  • CEO Kjetil Amundsen will continue to work full time, but with a voluntary wage cut
  • The board of 07 Media is reducing its board fee by 50 per cent

In an article in the Norwegian business paper Finansavisen, CEO Amundsen encourages all CEOs to cut their wages as a sign of solidarity in the crisis we are in the middle of.

“Our focus and aim is to do all we can to continue to deliver to our customers. Everyone in sales is now carrying out targeted activities in order to get in as many orders as possible,” says Amundsen to Grafkom.