We will get through this – “use this opportunity to review the way we work”

The print industry is strongly impacted by the COVID-19 as we see print volumes declining at unprecedented rates … but we will get through this!

By Anna Oñate, CEO and Co-founder of OctoBoost

Abrupt, extreme situations yield the quickest transformations, let´s use this opportunity to review the way we work, embrace remoteness and flexibility and focus our energy on optimizing processes and reducing print costs.

Anna Oñate, CEO and Co-founder of OctoBoost, Sappi´s internal start-up, gives some advice on how can you use cloud-based technology to stay remote and productive, automate processes while reducing paper waste, plate and energy consumption.

Redefine remoteness:

Working from home is becoming the norm. Not only print planning tools will add value, but videoconferencing solutions such as zoom.us and project management tools such as Monday.com will help you efficiently interact with your remote team members.

OctoBoost is raffling yearly subscriptions to these tools for respondents of their Online Print survey, along with print tech & innovation trips end of this year (e.g. Web Summit in Lisboa, Print Next in Stockholm, OctoFest in Amsterdam).

Please take 10 minutes to answer the online print survey in English. It´s open for all Pre-press Managers, IT Managers, CEOs, Directors and Sales Managers of printing companies.

Save print costs

European sheetfed commercial printers waste in average 25% of purchased paper, mainly as make-ready and trim waste. As ordered copies will continue to shorten, maximizing area efficiency and combining as many jobs as possible on a print form will gain relevance.  OctoSprint´s AI driven gang run printing technology reduces paper waste (by up to 50%), plate consumption (by up to 40%) and increases print capacity (by up to 22%) as a result of fewer, better utilized, gang forms… generated by our reinforcement learning technology at an impressive speed. Automation and additional flexibility to help you capture additional orders.

The green side

The environmental impact is also significant. For example, an offset printer could reduce its energy consumption by up to 1,5 MWh for every 1,000 print forms he prints thanks to longer runs, fewer stops and therefore energy consumption. This is equivalent to the power consumption of charging a smartphone 270 000 times

AI with high ROI

OctoSprint pays off for printers with 100 or more jobs a day. OctoBoost´s Amsterdam based team is offering free of charge OctoDiagnosis (simulations of 2 weeks of production) to analyse your processes and quantify the savings OctoSprint can generate for your company: https://www.octoboost.com/octosprint.

Let´s make our print industry rise and shine!