The Nordic Swan Ecolabel plans to tighten its criteria for Print

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel has published a proposal for new guidelines for printing houses and printed matters. Several variables will be harder to reach, and the foundation will i.e. implement limitations on the use of UV colors both in offset and digital.  

The Nordic Swan is proposing several changes compared to today’s guidelines, this concerns i.e. the following:

  • The requirement for consumption of inspected and Nordic Swan/EU Ecolabelled paper has been stringent from at least 25% to 70%.
  • Printing companies are only allowed to print on packaging made of paper-based materials.
  • There will be new rules for UV printing in inkjet, offset and digital presses. The use of UV will be limited.
  • Printing inks, toners, inks, varnished and adhesives must be tested for de-inkability according to INGEDE and have a positive score according to EPRC De-inkability Scorecard.

Due to the Corona situation, the deadline for comments have been postponed to June 30.

Read more about all the proposed changes at the Nordic ecolabel web page.