Livonia Print first in northern Europe with new inkjet from Canon

Riga-based Livonia Print is investing in the new Canon Varioprint iX3200.

Livonia Print has already two i300 and is now replacing one of them with the new iX3200. The investment offers more flexibility for the book printer.

“With the old machine there were many types of paper that required reduced speed, but with the new iX3200 we are able to produce at full speed regardless of paper type,” says Trond Erik Isaksen at Livonia Print to  Branschkoll.

Isaksen adds that they now also can produce more jobs on the inkjet due to quality improvements.

“On the i300, the quality was good enough for perhaps 85 % of the jobs. With the iX3200 the quality is good enough for more than 95 % of the jobs,” says Isaksen.

Today the tipping point between digital and offset for Livonia is 700 copies for color print and 1500 copies for text books. Isaksen tells that the price for inkjet is fairly stable while the price is decreasing for offset as the productivity is increasing.

“Cost reduction measures are developing faster in offset print than for inkjet. We chose inkjet due to technical reasons – not financial reasons,” says Trond Erik Isaksen.

According to Ulf Nilsson at Canon, the new iX3200 delivers improvements both in productivity and quality, especially when it comes to uncoated paper.

“You get an increased output of 25 to 30 % in the new machine. Some months Livonia produces up to four million A4-clicks per month per machine with the two i300 so it will be a notable improvement in productivity, ” says Ulf Nilsson at Canon to Branschkoll.

Nilsson also point at the fact that Livonia now will be able to print 320 A4 per minute all the way up to 350 grams or just above 9000 SRA3/per hour.