Swedish Ink n Art is launching new packaging brand on five markets

Product media supplier and print house Ink n Art in Gothenburg will from now on expand its business to include packaging with its new company and brand Pacsome.

Pacsome has recently been launched in five markets (Sweden, Denmark, the UK, Germany and Poland). The company offers its customers the opportunity to design their own package online and order small minimum quantities via Pacsome’s ecommerce solution.

The entire process  from ordering to printing is automized, something which makes it possible to accept small runs.

Some of the products that are on offer on Pacsome. (PicturePacsome)

Launching in several markets with a ”shotgun-effect”

Grafkom has been speaking to Jesper Hammarstrand, CEO of Ink n Art and one of the key persons behind Pacsome.

Hammarstrand explains that they wanted to launch the service in five markets simultaneously in order to get synergies when it comes to marketing and in order to see what works and what does not work.

“We are using a ”shotgun-effect” to see which channels that work in different countries. Since we have a new service/product it is difficult for us to say for sure which channels will work best for us in the different markets,” Hammarstrand explains.

Hammarstrand adds that their sales first and foremost comes from content marketing in social media as they have no sales force. The firm’s sales effort is digital through channels like Pinterest and Instagram.

Looking for cooperation with other printers

Hammarstrand also says that he is now looking for further cooperation with other printers and product media companies in order to increase sales.

“I believe that we together with other players in the industry can find new, smart business together with their clients and our machinery. We have a couple of newly introduced joint ventures which work very well, but there is room for more,” says Hammarstrand.

Packaging from Pacsome.