Elanders changing platform for digital printing in Sweden

Elanders Sweden is making a major investment in inkjet.

Elanders Sweden is investing in two new sheet fed Varioprint iX3200 from Canon. According to Elanders their volumes are now coming back.

The first Varioprint will be installed in October. Elanders has an option for a second Varioprint, planned installed during Q1 2021.  After the installation, 95 per cent of Elanders’ production will come from inkjet, according to Magnus Jönsson, responsible for production at Elanders’ Stockholm unit. Elanders Stockholm is one of Sweden’s largest digital printing plants with 65 employees in Vällingby.

“Canon is guaranteeing 90 per cent availability which is more than our previous machines so the effectiveness will be higher,” says Jönsson to Branschkoll.se.

”More stable volumes”

According to Elanders, the print volumes are about to stabilize.

“We believe our volumes will be at a normal level during the last quarter of 2020,” says Jönsson.

From offset to inkjet

The choice of inkjet was done already years ago when Elanders invested in a roll fed inkjet.

“When we now install sheet fed inkjets, this is a natural next step. We believe this investment strategy will be good for Elanders as we see smaller print runs and more frequent editions.”

The investment also means that the company will take “home” some jobs that are now being printed in offset by Elanders in Poland and Hungary. Also with more presses from the same supplier, Elanders sees an opportunity for improvement in the drive for more automation.

Source: Branschkoll