Norwegian printer broadening the scope with packaging purchase

Norwegian printer HBO Haugesund Bok og Offset became HBO Nova Print this summer as the company merged with label printer Nova Print and invested in a new digital label printer from Konica Minolta. After this recent merger, HBO is now announcing its new focus on packaging.

The company will take over all machinery and external customers from Norwegian packaging producer Profil Emballasje AS. HBO Nova Print sees growth of 50 per cent next year, from 30 to 45 million NOK. In 3-5 years the company aims to double its turn over.

Paper from agricultural waste

HBO is since several years back supplier for the paper Paperwise in Norway and Sweden. Paperwise is made from agricultural waste, and has, according to HBO, far lower emissions than ordinary paper. HBO now plans to produce both packaging products, labels and commercial print from Paperwise.