Omikai gains ground in Norway

Swedish software supplier and Grafkom member Omikai is winning more and more clients in Norway, where Knut Grav (formerly HG Media) is acting as Omikai’s sales representative.

“When I quit HG Media, I called founder Matthias Erlandsson of Omikai and asked if I could become their sales rep in Norway. I don’t regret that call. This is a nice continuation of my work in the printing sector in Norway,” says Grav.

Seven Norwegian clients are on the Omikai platform

Grav tells that seven Norwegian clients are currently running Omikai’s ERP system. Lundblad Media in northern Tromsø has just installed the system.

“We chose Omikai after recommendations from other people in the industry. This is a much more cost-effective solution for us compared to the systems we used before,” says CEO Sturla Fossum of Lundblad Media.

In addition to Lundblad Media, also HG Media AS, Gunnarshaug Trykkeri AS, Kando Print Center AS, HBO NOVA PRINT, and Peterson Packaging AS/VPK Packaging AS have installed the Omikai software. 

“Omikai’s ERP system is cloud based and has calculation, order confirmation, planning, time registration, logistics and invoicing integrated in the system,” says Grav.