Swedish Addbrand acquires Danish firm

Swedish firm Addbrand is strengthening its hold on Denmark by another acquisition.

Envelope printer JT Gruppen becomes a part of Addbrand Denmark. JT Gruppen is currently producing 25 to 30 millions envelopes a year and will now expand its portfolio with Addbrand’s product spectre. Both Addbrand and JT Gruppen are today sub-suppliers to the graphic industry without own end customers.

In 2018, Addbrand bought the Danish envelope dealer A-mail, which later changed name to Addbrand Denmark.

“I am sure that we will come out of this as a far stronger company. Our presence in both Hedehusene and Vejle means that we will be able to serve our clients in an even better way with flexible deliveries,” says Henrik Lund Sørensen, owner of JT Gruppen.

“We are working very hard to broaden our business and strengthen our position within our core business which is envelopes and paper all over the Nordics,” says Patrik Sjölin, CEO of Addbrand.

JT Gruppen will now change name to Addbrand Denmark AS.