Swedish printer Billes with major focus on carbon offset – all printed material is compensated

Billes Tryckeri in Gothenburg is further strengthening its focus on sustainability and is now including all printed material in its carbon offset scheme. This regardless whether their clients have asked for carbon compensation or not.

With start from October this year, Billes will compensate all purchases of paper and carton and even plates and ink. In addition, all transports of printed materials to the clients delivery addresses will also be compensated. The cost of this carbon compensation is taken by Billes as a natural part of production, according to CEO Niklas Bille.

“For our clients there will be no additional costs to get climate neutral printed material.”

In order to further strengthen their sustainability ambitions, Billes has also signed a UN commitment (UN’s Climate Neutral Now ) which contributes to a windmill project in Guatemala. Through this project Billes has acquired carbon compensation corresponding to emissions of 1,000 tonnes of CO2.

Continues to lower its emissions

Every year, Billes makes a sustainability audit where carbon emissions is one part. Since 2011, the company has compensated for all emissions that are a result of their own production. In 2019, the production generated 39 tonnes of carbon and Niklas Bille says that this is likely to be further reduced this year.

“We are doing the calculations per year, so we will know in January. We have previously reduced the emissions with the help of green energy, the use of hvo diesel on our trucks and other measures. I believe our emissions will decrease by 20 to 30 per cent in 2020 compared to 2019. This partly due to much less travel during corona,” says Niklas Bille.

Billes Tryckeri is a member of the Grafkom Network.

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