New digital services & upcoming events

The last years we have arranged two flagship events a year – Print Next and Workflow Summit. Due to the prevailing circumstances, we are sorry to say we didn’t have the opportunity to organize these events this year.

We are hoping to be able to organize upcoming events in 2021, as soon this pandemic calms down!

As of now we are in the works of new projects and services. For instance, our recently launched service Grafkom Market,  but also even more news and statistics – to make sure everyone gets their dose of knowledge sharing and networking.

An issue that is rapidly becoming a concern for the industry, not to mention the whole planet, is the matter of climate change. During the first quarter of 2021, Grafkom will launch a carbon compensation scheme for the graphic industry.

 As you know, everything we do is based on sharing – we share knowledge, contacts and news with our members. With that said, if you have any ideas on what you want to see more of,  feel free to share!

And if you haven’t checked out our new marketplace yet, check it out!