Podcast: Printing network Gelato to pass 100 million euro in revenue 2021 – ”The potential is enormous”

”It has never been a more exciting time for the print industry than the time we stand before right now. The growth potential is enormous”, says Henrik Müller-Hansen CEO of Gelato, in the latest episode of the Branschkoll Podcast.

In this podcast episode we talk to Henrik about Gelatos journey, from being an idea to 14 years later expecting to surpass 100 million euro in revenue 2021. About how they opened up their platform using an API, and how the e-commerce trend has given them a huge leap.

We also talk about how the Gelato concept with local production is the ”perfect match” with the global environmental trends that every company wants to be a part of. And of course we also talk about how you as a printer, can use the Gelato platform to service your customers.

Listen to the whole podcast on Spotify or below (if you prefer Swedish – listen here):

Below are some snippets from the conversation with Henrik Müller-Hansen

”It’s time to redefine the printing industry”

Gelato started 14 years ago as Optimalprint, a consumer service for simple printed products. Now, three million hours of development later, it is a global platform for every kind of physical communication product. Sold globally, produced locally, using a network of printers around the world.

”Amazon can be both a competitor and a customer”

Henrik explains how Amazon can be seen as both a competitor and a customer to Gelato, when they now rapidly are expanding their product portfolio with clothes, books, wallpaper and within a year or two, 3D-print.

– When we expand our product portfolio I’m sure that Gelato can be a one-stop-shop for global players, because they will see the advantages of producing locally, deliver locally and paying locally, combined with an never ending stream of new products that makes it cheaper, smarter and greener to use Gelato, says Henrik.

”The past 12 to 18 months in the printing industry if fascinating”

– New equipment makes it possible for anyone to produce all sorts of products with high quality. Not only regular print products, but all kind of products. I feel that the time has come for us to redefine the printing industry and start calling us ”the industry for customized products”. There are really exciting times ahead for all those who sees what kind of opportunities the new technology will bring.

Don’t miss this episode with Henrik Müller-Hansen when he speaks about his vision for Gelato and for the printing industry in general.