New, high resolution printer for addressing launched by 21grams

21grams has launched a new solution for printing adresses. The company is now presenting its new high-resolution printer – MP1800i.

MP1800i can print with a speed of up to two meters per second with 600 dpi.

”MP1800i represents a big step forward for companies that work with addressing. These companies have for a long time been referred to low-resolution industry inkjets,” says 21grams in a press release.

The new printer offers a resolution of 600 dpi which makes it possible to print even pictures and QR codes in good quality.

“The players in this market have for a long period asked for quality print solutions, and we are now able to offer just that – and that feels great. The fact that we are able to offer this at a price just above low-resolution CIJ printers, will hopefully come as a pleasant surprise,” says Kaj Christensen, one of the developers.

21grams claims that the printer will be priced at about 50 per cent of corresponding systems from Kodak, Domino and VideoJet. MP1800i can print on most materials as it is printing with UV ink.