Eskils Tryckeri enters into digital signage cooperation

Eskils Tryckeri based in Borås, Sweden has entered into a partnership with Visual Art concerning digital signage. Eskils is a major supplier of retail communication solutions and is cooperating with several of the main retail chains in the Nordics.

As a consequence of the cooperation, Eskils will be able to offer Visual Arts’ strategic expertise, content production and the software Signage Player.

“We will make it easier for our customers and offer them a one-stop solution whether this solution is analogue or digital,” says Patrik Kornerup, head of sales at Eskils to 

2020 started very well

Eskils entered 2020 with several new client accounts and was aiming for a record year.

“We were planning for all time high but then the Corona pandemic came. Despite the pandemic, the year that ended in August was good and we have both hired some new people and invested a little lately,” tells Patrik Kornerup.

“Our clients are not leaving us even though they are buying less. And if it hadn’t been for the fact that we got so many new accounts before the virus outbreak, the situation might have looked differently.”

Analogue production in a digital world

Eskils has for some time been looking at different solutions to complement printed retail communication with screens since more and more clients have requested solutions in this field.

“We have an analogue product in a digital world and when we i.e. is a supplier to newly established stores or rebuilding concepts, digital screens are a natural step for our clients. We must of course be able to help our partners also with these kind of solutions.”

With the new agreement Eskils will have access to all the knowledge about digital media that Visual Art has built through many years. Eskils will also be able to sell both hardware and software for the digital screens in combination with analogue printed materials.

Joint offer to the clients

The agreement means that both Eskils and Visual Art will be able to offer their clients both digital solutions and analogue sign solutions.

“Several of Visual Arts’ customers do have printed material, so there should be new possible business both ways”, says Patrik.

Eskils is a part of the ACG Group which is present in eight countries and has a turnover of approximately 500 million SEK and 300 employees. Eskils had last year a turnover of 82,4 million SEK.