Grafkom member K-Print is inviting to print webinars

Grafkom member K-Print is inviting customers, suppliers and competitors to an up-coming webinar series.

“We are starting a series of webinars called Expert Talks with the goal of learning about opportunities and finding new trends in this faster-then-ever-changing industry. We will be inviting industry experts to share insight about their vision and understanding of the global trends. Our initial goal was to start internal webinars to educate our departments in print and work related subjects. As we had positive feedback and interest from external parties, we decided to make it free for all,” says K-Print in a press release.

First webinar is March 24th at 9-11 am CET with HP.

Cristina Moro is the Commercial Segment Manager at HP Indigo and will talk about commercial segment market trends.

Jose Gorbea is the Head of HP Graphics Brands & Agencies Innovation and will talk about unleashing creativity.

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