Upgraded large format printers from HP are creating new opportunities for the industry

Speed, flexibility and sustainability were the key words when HP recently launched new large format printers in the latex segment.

HP has launched yet another generation of its latex printers. With HP Latex 700 and 800 the company increases productivity by 50 per cent through new print heads. Additionally, one is replacing the plastic in the color cartridges with paper in order for the printing houses to reduce their environmental impact.

Furthermore, HP says it has fabricated the whitest ink in the entire industry that does not yellow over time. The new white ink is available in both the 700 and the 800 versions.

HP Latex 700 and 800 come in four different versions; 700, 700W, 800 and 800W.

“When you think about HP Latex, imagine the unique ability to say yes to every customer request, regardless of fast-changing schedule or application demands,” said Guayente Sanmartin of HP at the launch some weeks ago.

At the launch, HP emphasized all the new possibilities which come with the new printers. The new white ink and the range of compatible materials make it possible to print a wide range of products.

New cutting machines which fit the Latex printers are now also available.

The printing speed is up to 36 m2/hr.

According to HP, the printing houses are constantly demanding more sustainable products and the large format manufacturer has therefore replaced the plastic color cartridges with a cartridge made with cardboard material.

The new color cartridges are paper based.