Wera AS first printer to offset their Co2 emissions through the Carbon Balanced Paper scheme

Wera AS in Norway is the first printing house in the Nordics that will Co2 compensate for their ue of paper through the Carbon Balanced Paper scheme, a service launched by Grafkom in April.

“Our clients are definitely more concerned about sustainability issues than before. For us, Carbon Balanced Paper is a very simple way to offer all our clients Co2 compensation by preserving rain forest in Vietnam,” says Dag Brekke-Rasmussen of Wera.

Brekke-Rasmussen tells that his company has carried out a whole range of sustainability projects during the last years, with solar panels on the roof as the most recent initiative.

Print buyers most interested – but printers are coming

Partner in Grafkom, Magnus Thorkildsen, says there has been a lot of interest in the compensation scheme so far.

“We offer a very, very simple service to the whole value chain of paper, and that makes it interesting for many players. So far, mainly print buyers have been in touch with us for more information but we see that the printers now also show interest,” says Thorkildsen.

Carbon Balanced Paper offers everyone in the paper chain the opportunity to either;

A) Co2-compensate for the paper use – parts of it or everything.

B) Compensate for the firm’s entire Co2-emissions, including the use of paper.