Billes first in the Nordics with HP Indigo 100K

Billes Tryckeri in Gothenburg, Sweden is investing in a HP Indigo 100K, a HP Indigo 7eco and an In-Line Bourg Booklet Maker from C.P. Bourg.

A combination of lower costs and increased digital capacity were decisive factors when Billes chose to invest in more capacity from HP, according to a press release.

“We have great trust in HP Indigo which is a market leader within digital printing. And the same goes for our supplier Visutech which we have a great cooperation with. We have chosen to invest in two new machines in order to increase productivity and our digital capacity.”

Niklas Bille, CEO and owner of Billes Tryckeri

After the investment, Billes will have digital capacity consisting of one HP Indigo 100K, one HP Indigo 7eco and one HP Indigo 7900. The printer also have two In-Line Bourg Booklet Makers for digital post-press production.

The new HP Indigo 100K, which was launched last year, has a production capacity of 6000 sheets an hour in B2 format.