H-tryck invests 20 million SEK in paper cup factory

Swedish H-tryck has the last year invested 20 million SEK in a new paper cup factory. The company has now installed as much as ten different machines to handle production of different sized mugs and cups.

Everything started last year when the company invested in two new machines for paper coffee mugs. But every machine can only make one size, so in order to have an entire product portfolio the company needed more machines and ordered another eight. These are now installed and the printer is now ready for production.

Picture of the different cups offered by H-tryck.

“We think this is a cool product, so we decided to buy another eight machines in order to have an entire product portfolio,” says Sam Hansson of H-tryck.

Smaller runs from 500 ex are printed digitally in an inkjet from Canon or a Nexpress from Kodak.

Competition from abroad

The competition comes mostly from abroad. But according to Sam Hansson it is possible to compete on price even on large runs. And the local production is an advantage.

“Transport is getting more and more expensive and sustainability questions are on the rise. We have an advantage when we produce locally with local raw materials. We have a delivery time of five days. Competitors abroad are not able to match that,” says Hansson.

Paper for the white cups comes from Finland, but soon it will be possible to buy this paper from Stora Enso’s plant at Forshaga. After that, all of H-tryck’s cup paper will come from Sweden.

“We have a lot of printers on our client list, and even office wholesale chains. Next step for us is the food industry,” says Hansson.