Compare electricity contracts with Elbyte

Elbyte is a tech company that was started in Sweden and combines comparison of electricity with advice on how to reduce your electricity consumption and how the Swedish electricity market works. Elbyte has the most detailed guides on this online and thinks that the more Sweden’s population know about the electricity market, the better decisions they will be able to make.

Compare electricity contracts

The safest way to always have an electricity contract that is worth your money and based on you as a person is that you compare electricity contracts regularly and you can do this at Elbyte where you can easily find electricity companies that you can switch to. When you make a comparison of electricity contracts, there may be different things that you think are important, such as cheap electricity prices, environmental friendliness, fixed or variable electricity prices, and in Elbyte’s system it is easy to perform all these parts.

Different electricity areas and electricity prices in Sweden

At Elbyte, it only takes a few minutes to make a really smart electricity choice and save money on your electricity consumption. In the comparison service, there are unique and exclusive electricity companies that are only part of Elbyte. All you need as a customer is to have your facility ID with you, which you will find on your electricity invoice. You start by entering your postcode and then get options that are adapted based on your electricity area. If you live in Norrland, electricity area 1 is your area, Gävle belongs to electricity area 2, while Stockholm, Gothenburg, Norrköping, Linköping etc belong to electricity area 3 and electricity area 4 consists of Skåne, as well as some of Halland and Småland.

Fixed or variable electricity contract

On the next page in the comparison, you can decide if you want direct debit or invoice, if you live in a house or apartment and how much electricity you consume annually (this information only needs to be approximate and used to adjust your electricity price with some electricity companies). Then the big question is whether you should have a variable or fixed electricity contract and it depends on whether you think the electricity price will go up or down in the future.

Find and choose the right electricity company

Then you choose from the various electricity companies that are ranked based on electricity price and decent electricity trading (which is a certificate issued to the electricity companies that meet extensive requirements regarding, for example, customer service and electricity production). Among the cheapest electricity companies are Lumo Energi, Dogood El and Cheap Energy, while the most environmentally friendly alternative is Falkenberg Energi and their Good Environmental Choice.

Plant ID and electricity network agreement

Once you have chosen the electricity company, you go on to the last page where you enter your personal information and area ID and facility ID. This information can be viewed on your latest electricity invoice or if you check your electricity meter. Your plant ID has 18 digits and 735,999 is so far always the beginning. The ID is unique to the property and important to keep track of. It is then linked to your network agreement so that it is possible to ensure that you are the actual person who is on both the electricity network, plant ID and the electricity agreement.

Change of electricity contract

After you have filled in your personal information, the change of electricity contract is sent to your new electricity supplier who takes over the handling thereafter. In this way, your comparison of electricity contracts has resulted in an electricity contract that suits your needs as well as possible and you have found the right one among all the different electricity companies out there. It is due to the free Swedish electricity market and the number of electricity suppliers that Elbyte is needed. In addition, there is also more to do than compare your electricity contract and choose the right one to keep your electricity costs down.

Environmentally friendly electricity agreements and reduced electricity consumption

The cost of electricity can be reduced by reading newsletters and reading the various articles with tips such as having new household products, switching off unused electrical products and using smaller electrical products for a better climate. In addition, great progress is being made on electricity production and on environmentally friendly electricity production such as solar cells. The electricity you use and pay for goes into investments for a more sustainable future.