Ropo Capital is outsourcing its print business in Sweden and Norway

Ropo Capital and 21grams have entered into a strategic cooperation concerning production and distribution of Ropo Capital’s outgoing document flow, both digital and analogue.

KGM and Bypost will take care of print

The print business will be transferred to KGM in Sweden and Bypost in Norway, and the firms will also take over all personnel, offices and machinery.

The service will still formally be delivered by Ropo Capital, which means there will be no change for existing customers.

“This is a cooperation that fits 21grams’ ambition of growing its business in the Nordics, with our new owners Unifiedpost. The joint production will give synergy effects within several areas and increase the competitiveness for everyone involved. For our print partners KGM and Bypost it has been vital to be able to take over existing staff and competence.”

Stefan Blomqvist, CEO of 21grams