V-tab is closing down its coldset business – 125 employees affected

Printing group V-tab is to focus on heatset printing, sign and commercial print going forward. The company is closing down its coldset business. There will be three print plants left in 2023.

Earlier this year it was known that V-tab is losing the contract for printing of many daily newspapers published by Stampen Media and Schibsted effective from January 2023.

Currently, V-tab has five different production units. Coldset production for news papers and  DR are located in Landvetter (Gothenburg), Södertälje and Norrahammar (Jönköping). In Norrahammar the company also has production of sign and other commercial printing that will continue after 2023.

After the changes, V-tab will have production in Jönköping (sign and commercial), Falkenberg (agency and sheetfed) and Vimmerby (heatset, magazine).

“We have a stable and growing business within heatset, sign and commercial, and a rapidly declining business with major costs within coldset,” says Petter Ski, chairman of V-tab.

The closure will affect around 125 employees from the start of 2023. Negotiations with the trade unions have started and the workers have been informed about the planned  changes, the company states in a press release.