Visutech to sell new sheet-fed inkjet in Scandinavia

Visutech is Kyocera’s new supplier in Scandinavia for the company’s production printers with water-based inkjet technology.

The new inkjet printer TASKalfa Pro 15000c is a sheet-fed inkjet printer developed for production of i.e. dm, catalogues, manuals, magazines, books and envelopes, but also other kind of commercial print with less colour.

“We have been very strict in our choice of supplier and with Visutech we get one of the most recognized suppliers in the Nordics, with broad experience and massive technical expertise. This combined makes us feel comfortable in our choice of supplier for our production inkjet in Scandinavia,” says Johan Fensby, Country Manager at Kyocera Document Solutions Nordic.

“Kyocera’s inkjet machines fit very well as a complement to our existing offer of digital offset presses. We are broadening our product portfolio and continue to give our clients added value. In cooperation, we are increasing the possibilities when it comes to digital flexibility, both with the highest offset quality and now also with inkjet for large volumes to very low costs. We are now offering the best of two worlds for our clients,” says Jan-Olof Jungersten, CEO of Visutech.

Visutech says that the TASKalfa Pro 15000c has been constructed in a way that requires less energy compared to competitors and the machine is said to achieve a TEC value of 4,3 kWh.

“When you are producing large volumes, stability is just as important as speed. Kyocera Pro TASKalfa 15000c combines speed and stability. The machine can produce 150 pages a minute and when it comes to stability one can trust that Japanese Kyocera is producing trustworthy products,” says Johan Lidström at Visutech.

Kyocera TASKalfa Pro 15000c will be available at Visutech Digital Academy in Gothenburg shortly.