Scandbook and Livonia with carbon compensation scheme

Book printers Scandbook in Sweden/Lithuania and Livonia Print in Latvia are taking its sustainability focus to the next level by compensating for the companies’ emissions. The two companies report this in separate press releases.

Scandbook and Livonia Print have been working together on this project with the environmental organisation South Pole. South Pole is administrating the compensation scheme.

Scandbook says in the press release that “we see this as another important step in the right direction to make our companies and production more attractive to our customers and show that we are at the forefront of this development.”

Livonia Print says in its press release that “we see this as an important first step, and next year we would like to encourage our customers to purchase printed matter with the lowest possible impact on the
environment and climate.”

Both Scandbook and Livonia Print have integrated the ClimateCalc-tool in its businesses, which makes it possible to calculate carbon emissions per printed matter.