Lobbying for duty free Chinese paper to Europe

Intergraf – the European federation for print and digital communication – has sent a letter to the EU Commission urging them to remove the anti-dumping rates on Chinese paper. The reason behind this move is of course the paper shortage in the industry. This is reported by the Danish print association Grakom.

The import tax on Chinese paper to Europe was introduced in 2017. Intergraf says in a letter to the EU that the alternative to a removal of the tax is that the entire production of printed matters is moved to China. This because there is only import tax on paper, not on printed products.

“It is decisive that European printers get access to raw material from outside the EU to a reasonable price,” Intergraf writes in its letter to the EU commission.

Grakom and Grafisk bransjeforening: We support the initiative

Grakom director Thomas Torp in Denmark says in a comment that they support any actions that can bring more resonable priced paper to the European market. Chairman Jøran Aulin-Jansson of Norwegian Grafisk Bransjeforening also confirms his support for the Intergraf initiative.