New, large print group established in Sweden

Swedish firms Danagårdlitho and Göteborgstryckeriet are creating a new joint group named DG Print Group. The new group will have a turnover of up to 300 million SEK, and plans to invest in new equipment to meet the market’s growing demand for high-quality products, cost-effective solutions and products with lower impact on the environment, the parties state in a press release.

Magnus Iversén becomes chair man in the new group and CEO of Box & Display. Peter Hjelm becomes CEO for the group and CEO of Göteborgstryckeriet and Danagårdlitho. Daniel Jonasson becomes CEO of Gullers Trading. All toghether, the new group will have a turnover of approximately 300 million SEK and 150 employees.

Planning to invest 30 million SEK

The group plans to invest 25-30 million SEK in new machinery to meet the market demand for new products and solutions.

“Recently, we invested in a Fuji Jetpress with the latest inkjet technology and when it comes to offset we will upgrade our HUV technique with a new and modern machine. Furthermore, we will invest in new equipment for our company Box & Display,” says Magnus Iversén.

DG Print Group

The companies that will be a part of DG Print Group are Danagårdlitho and Göteborgstryckeriet, with its companies Box & Display and Gullers Trading/Kalenderspecialisten. All the different companies in the group will continue to operate with their own brand.